Annual Lift Inspection

Our trained inspectors will conduct a full safety and operational inspection of your lift equipment, diagnosing and highlighting issues and offering solutions to resolving them before they become problems.

Performing an annual Lift Inspection not only prolongs the life of your equipment and helps prevent dangerous failures in your lift equipment caused by neglecting to properly maintain them, but also helps to ensure your shop will continue to function efficiently.

Clawsons professionally trained inspectors will inspect every automotive lift in your facility, highlight issues and concerns, and present you with solutions to resolve those issues.

Need An Inspection?

For Lift Inspection scheduling, please call our service department (661) 587-3546. We appreciate your business.

Clawson has established standard lift inspection procedures for every style of lift (2-post, 4-post, in-ground, etc.) according to industry standards and guidelines. Our technicians consistently follow those standard procedures to inspect every lift regardless of origin, manufacturer, age, etc.

Clawson Automotive Equipment will provide you a copy of the completed Lift Inspection forms, including a summary review that highlights any potential issues and corrective actions that might be required. Any Automotive Lift that passes its Annual Lift Inspection will be labeled with an official Clawson Lift Inspection sticker marked for the current year.